So we begin!

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Employing more than 15.000 people in 13 years through our businesses in the BuildingandConstruction, PropertyDevelopment and Retail Industries, gave us an accurate reflection of the skills a successful employee needs to have. We, as employers, have also learned what we need to do to help employees develop those skills on which they can build experience: providing opportunities for constant training and development! Quality Education and Training will make employees more recruitable, knowledgeable and confident. With this in mind, we have devoted our resources and our efforts to create solutions that make employee traininganddevelopment hassle free. With our proven experience and after a year and a half of research and development, o99 Training Academy is live and has opened its gates to offer Quality Training for the jobs of the future! Our course portfolio encompasses training courses related to buildingandconstruction, healthandsafety, firstaid, business, customerservice, educationandtraining, IT and many others to come! Stay tuned and follow us!