Traffic Marshal/ Banksman (Online)


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Course reference number: 09959

Level: Level 1/ Awareness

Delivery method: Online

Minimum age to enrol: 18+



This course is intended for those who wish to work as a Traffic Marshal (Banksman) or for those already working, but wishing to gain the knowledge up to the industry standards.


The aim of this course is to help those individuals who have been assigned the role of a traffic marshal to understand and carry out their responsibilities in accordance with nationally recognised safe practice guidelines.


The course is formed of six modules, delivered online in an interactive way. The course is fully developed to be responsive and can be accessed from any devices (e.g PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc).

  1. What is meant by “workplace transport”
  2. The role and responsibilities of a traffic marshal
  3. The potential dangers and consequences of poor traffic management
  4. The importance of establishing and maintaining a safe site
  5. How to handle site-related vehicle activity
  6. How to conduct a risk assessment and put control measures in place


The course is assessed online, through a variety of interactive quizzes.

Once passed, you will receive a certificate and the card will be posted to you.

For printed certificates, please contact the Customer Support.