NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Decorative Finishing – Painting and Decorating


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Qualification reference number: 600/7237/4

Award code: QUA828

Credit value: 123

Level: 3

Delivery method: NVQ

Minimum age to enrol: 16+




This is a National Vocational Qualification which means that this qualification has been developed to be achieved in a real work environment. You need to be employed to undertake this qualification.

This qualification will enable you to work in Decorative Finishing -Painting and Decorating within the construction industry.

This qualification is supported by federation Painting and Decorating Association (PDA).



The Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Decorative Finishing -Painting and Decorating -Decorative Finishing enables you, to demonstrate and recognise your skills, knowledge and understanding and to demonstrate your competence in a real workplace environment so you can work in Decorative Finishing -Painting and Decorating within the construction industry

This qualification supports the learner to attain enabling, fundamental and transferable practical skills with associated underpinning knowledge.

Industry will accept the qualification on its own as entry to a job role.

On completion of this qualification you will have obtained the skills, knowledge and understanding and demonstrated competence to progress on to a higher-level qualification in the same or similar occupational area or enable entry into supervisory and management positions within the workplace.

There are no formal entry requirements to take this qualification. This qualification can be undertaken without any previous training or qualifications in this subject area.




To achieve this qualification a minimum of 123 credits need to be attained. This comprises of 92 credits from the Mandatory Group, plus 31 credits from the Optional units.

Mandatory units

Unit Reference Credit Value Level
Applying Paint Systems to Complex Surfaces by Brush in the Workplace F/503/9688 26 3
Confirming the Occupational Method of Work in the Workplace R/503/2924 11 3
Confirming Work Activities and Resources for an Occupational Work Area in the Workplace A/503/2772 10 3
Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workpla A/503/1170 8 1
Developing and Maintaining Good Occupational Working Relationships in the Workplace M/503/2915 5 5
Erecting and Dismantling Access/Working Platforms in the Workplace D/600/8281 8 2
Preparing surfaces for painting/decorating in the workplace R/503/9680 27 3

Optional units

Unit Reference Credit Value Level
Hanging Standard Paper Wallcoverings in the Workplace D/503/9696 26 3
Hanging Wide-width Vinyls in the Workplace Y/503/9700 20 3
Applying Coatings by the Air Spray Method in the Workplace A/503/2772 10 3
Applying Coatings by the Airless Spray Method in the Workplace D/503/9732 17 3
Applying Coatings to Produce Textured Finishes in the Workplace Y/503/9809 14 2
Applying Metal Leaf to Surfaces in the Workplace J/503/9790 22 3
Hanging Specialised Paper Wallcovering in the Workplace R/503/9761 28 4
Hanging Wallcoverings to Complex Surfaces in the Workplace F/503/9738 32 3
Installing Coving and Decorative Mouldings in the Workplace A/503/9804 11 2
Producing and Applying Complex Stencil Designs in the Workplace K/503/9734 21 3
Producing Broken Colour Effects in the Workplace L/503/9810 12 2
Producing Comb Textured Finishes in the Workplace D/503/9763 16 3
Producing Marbling Effects in the Workplace K/503/9961 12 2
Producing Quality Replica Grained Finishes in the Workplace R/504/4197 20 4
Producing Quality Replica Marble Finishes in the Workplace H/503/9960 15 3
Producing Stencil Designs using Pre-cut Stencil Plates in the Workplace L/503/9953 12 2
Producing Straight Grained Effects in the Workplace D/503/9956 12 2



After purchasing the course, you will have to follow the Registration Process which include:

–          Filling out the Learner Registration Form

–          Attending to the induction

–          Receiving your Individual Learning Plan

You will be assessed against a set of performance and knowledge statements which have been derived from National Occupational Standards for your occupational area. You will be assessed by an occupationally competent and qualified assessor whose job is to work with you and help you complete your qualification.

You will be required to produce a Portfolio of Evidence showing how you have met the performance and knowledge criteria for each unit required within the qualification, as directed by your assessor.

This qualification is not graded.


Additional information


Supervisor (Gold)

Assessment Type


Classroom attendance




Average length

3-6 months


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