Level 2 Code of Conduct of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Drivers


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Course number: 099012

Credit value: 6

Level: 2+

Guided learning hours: 6

Delivery method: e-learning

Minimum age to enrol: 18+


This course is designed for adults who are working or intend to work as taxi drivers, private hire drivers or private hire operators to help them minimise the risks of driving and to help them improve the quality of the service they offer to the people who are riding with them.


Even though the job of being a taxi driver is simple in theory – to be able to drive a car, pick-up passengers, navigate to their destination and safely drop them off there – the day-to-day working conditions for drivers can be unpredictable and at times difficult to manage. After taking this course you will be able to understand a basic set of key problems that taxi drivers around the world face while in the job and will be able to effectively manage them.

Taxi drivers are victims of crime more often than the average person due to the nature of their work – they work in all parts of a city, usually late at night, and they pick up random people who may be drunk, on drugs or just looking for trouble. Fare evasion and robbery are common, and in certain cities, drivers can also be victims of violence, car theft, and there have even been cases of murder and rape.

The risks are reciprocal, and the clients could feel unsafe, offended or further than that the behaviour of the driver could affect them physically and emotionally if the driver is not trained.

Over time, the necessity of developing and following a Driver Code of Conduct, even for those who are working as private operators, has increased significantly. This is due, it being seen as a way to resolve the problems that occur recurrently both to the clients and the drivers.

This course is an introduction into the world of taxi driving, which will provide you with the skills required for creating and maintaining a safe and pleasurable environment for their clients. This code of conduct course is not just a set of rules outlining the social norms and standards and responsibilities of, or proper practices for a taxi driver or an individual driver, but a useful instrument in understanding the client needs and all the health and safety aspects of a ride.

The concepts presented in this course include ethical, honour, moral codes and is also a refresher of legislation.

The course is delivered online, and it takes about five hours to be completed.

The learners can contact the tutor/assessor via:

  • E-mail (24 hours)
  • Telephone – during the o99 Training Academy working hours
  • In person – during the o99 Training Academy working hours (with a minimum 2 hours’ notice)


At the end of the course, learners will:

  • Develop the skills you need for everyday life within the Taxi and Private Hire Work
  • Know how to ensure health and safety in the taxi and private hire work environment
  • Understand how to prevent and protect drivers and customers from potential hazards and risks
  • Understand the importance of providing a professional service in a competitive passenger transport market.
  • Understand how to deliver quality customer service to all sections of the community.
  • Be able to understand the standards of Transporting Children and Young Persons by Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle
  • Understand the general rules and requirements of a safe driving and the related behavioural issues


This is not a regulated qualification; however, it is a CPD approved course and it is thought as a Level 2 course.