Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do CSCS H&S test once I have completed the NVQ course?


CITB has changed the test exemption rules, and, as of 2nd September 2019, all applicants who with to apply for the CSCS card with their NVQ are required to pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test. You can read more about this change by following this link:

How soon can I apply for a CSCS card?

Once you have enrolled in an NVQ you will be eligible to apply for a red CSCS card. The assessment timeframe might vary depending on circumstances of your employment status and ability to present evidence of your practice. All of these information will be discussed prior to confirming your enrolment.

Once you get the certificate for the NVQ you completed, you will be able to apply for the relevant CSCS card (green, blue, gold or black).

Managing Your Account

Which facilities I have in your training room?

Brand new refurbished classrooms with modern ICT equipment. We also have whiteboards, projectors, projector boards, WiFi, hearing loops and A/C.

How can I contact you?

You access the ‘Contact Us’ page situated at the top menu.

How can I buy another course?

If you are a recurring customer you can login with the same account you created on your previous purchase.

Can I book a course/study online without a PC?

Yes, our training platform is compatible on all devices including mobile phones and Android tablets.

What support is available?

You will be assigned your own course advisor.

You will be able to contact them via telephone or email during business hours.

There is also additional support methods via email:

For bookings support:

For general enquiries:

For general help/course help:

How quickly will I receive my course materials?

Once payment is confirmed, you will get a link to our Learner Registration Form. Once you sent it we’ll process your registration form and the course documentation and materials will be available in your account panel within one business working day.

Please follow the e-mail instructions to access your course materials and start learning straight away.

What qualifications will I receive at the end of my course?

Depending on what course and/ or qualification you are undertaking the certification process can either be done automatically (for short duration online courses) or up to 14 working days (for regulated courses and qualifications)

Should I be a British to enrol in your courses?

All of our courses are available to overseas students. In fact, we have students from all over the world, so there are no borders when it comes to learning with us.

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