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Course reference number: 099005

Learning hours per session: 2

Total learning hours: 8

Delivery method: Classroom

Min./Max. learners for classroom-based courses: 5/25

Minimum age to enrol: 16+



This course is designed for those who want to explore how to use Smart Phones or Tablets. It is specially designed for beginners, and it covers all types of operating systems (Android, iPhone and Windows).


If you are a beginner in using smart devices, such as Smart Phones and tablets, this course will help you understand how they work and how use them properly. Most people who are struggling when using their smart devices, ask for help from their family or friends, which can be tricky, and at the end, they don’t learn properly how to use their device, or they will forget how to use the features immediately.

Learning how to use your smart device in a professional environment it gives you the vision of how the smart devices works and how to do things without reading the instruction manual. After the course, you will gain the essential skills, such as sending text messages, saving a contact number, install an application, schedule your calendar, adapt the settings of your device to your needs and so many other skills which will help you be more effective when using your smart device.

The learners are required to come to the course with their device.

This course is developed for eight hours of learning and practice.



The course will help you:

  • Develop the skills you need for everyday using of a smartphone/tablet
  • Get a head start when using a new device, you aren’t familiar with
  • Build your confidence on the basics of using a smartphone/tablet so you can continue to get more and more out of your technology
  • Make voice calls, video calls, access the internet and browse the internet, take photos and upload them on social media, navigate with Google Maps, play music, manage your contacts and calendar, send text messages and emails, play games, run new applications and games downloaded from the internet


This is not a qualification; thus, a learning assessment will not be necessary to take place. However, you will be assessed during the course workshops, and at the end of the course, if the tutor decides that you achieved all the learning outcomes, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.