1003 students

Course reference number: 09963

Level: Level 1/ Awareness

Delivery method: Online

Minimum age to enrol: 18+



This course is intended for those who wish to gain a basic understanding of dealing with and overcoming problems, abusive behaviour, and complaints.



In this course the learner is introduced to what we mean by the term “conflict”; how to deal with problems positively; how to deal with abusive and violent behaviour; methods for resolving conflict: and how to handle complaints.

The course is delivered in partnership with Digital College and is accredited by Highfield Awarding Body.



The course is formed of five modules, delivered online in an interactive way. The course is fully developed to be responsive and can be accessed from any devices (e.g PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc).

  1. What we mean by the term “conflict”
  2. Dealing with problems positively
  3. Dealing with abusive and violent behaviour
  4. Methods for resolving conflict
  5. Handling complaints


The course is assessed online, through a variety of interactive quizzes.

Once passed, you will receive a digital certificate.

For printed certificates, please contact the Customer Support.

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