CITB invites industry: join your Nation Council and shape construction’s future

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is urging influential industry representatives to apply to join its new Nation Councils and play a crucial role in helping to determine the future of UK construction.

CITB is looking to appoint three Nation Council Chairs – one each in England, Scotland and Wales – along with up to nine council members in each nation to form a key part of its new governance structure.

Experienced and knowledgeable individuals from a wide range of construction backgrounds are sought to ensure the entire industry is represented, including SMEs, large employers, independent consultants, employer federations and academics.

Sarah Fenton, Partnerships Director at CITB, said: “Under our Vision 2020 programme, CITB is aiming to become much more accountable to industry and responsive to its needs. But we need industry’s help in order to do that. We want industry leaders – representing the breadth and depth of our sector – to join our Nation Council in England so that we can work together to solve the skills challenges facing construction.”

The newly appointed Nations Councils will have an important role in supporting the CITB Board in its strategic leadership, by providing insight into industry challenges, across nations, regions and sectors and acting as a sounding board for Trustees. They will capture and articulate to the CITB Board all key issues affecting or likely to affect industry over a three year period.

Their key functions will include:

  • Together with the other Nation Councils assist the Board to accurately prioritise support for key issues affecting industry across the UK;
  • Review and advise the Board on CITB’s strategic business plan to ensure that it appropriately addresses industry opportunities, pressures and priorities as identified through CITB’s evidence base, which the Nations Councils will help to enhance;
  • To make timely recommendations to the Board about matters arising that may impact on the ability of the Board to deliver the Plan.

Interested candidates have until 2pm on Monday 30th April to apply for the Nation Council chair and member positions.

More information and updates can be found via CITB’s social media channels including Twitter @CITB_UK, @CITB_Scotland, @CITB_Wales, Facebook and LinkedIn.



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