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Barriers to learn new workplace skills (Construction)

As defined in our previous blog post, further education sector is a form of education dedicated to adults.

On the today’s article we will speak about barriers to learn new workplace skills and we will be focused on the construction industry.

The most recent researches have identified the following barriers across all industries:

  • 42% taking time away from the day job
  • 29% lack of investment in training and development by employers
  • 28% lack of personal budget

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are real solutions to overcome these barriers.

The NVQs are designed to be achieved within the workplace, during your working hours; thus, you don’t have to worry about wasting working time and/or lose money.

There is a direct help from CITB, for employers, with the training costs by offering grants schemes, thus helping workforce to achieve qualifications in construction-related subjects across the following three categories:

What if my employer doesn’t want to pay for my training?

As identified, 28% from people who attended to the research reported a lack of personal budget or funds. It is right that there are rigorous processes to obtain an Advanced Learner Loan from the Government and there are more rigorous processes if you want to apply for a credit or loan from a Building Society, Bank or Lender.

By saving money to invest in your education you will increase your wages considerably:

for example a person who is working with a green CSCS card in constructions is paid minimum wages, but a person with blue CSCS skilled card could earn up to three times more; a person with gold/black CSCS advanced skilled card could earn six times more than a person with a green CSCS card, etc.

How can we help?

o99 Training Academy provides accredited and non- accredited courses in further education sector. We have a vast portfolio of construction courses and NVQs. We are an approved training organisation from CITB and Site Safety Plus, so you can tell your employer that if you learn with us, they can claim your training costs back.

We have no hidden costs and from the beginning we offer you the chance to pay for your learning journey in instalments.; thus, we don’t offer you just enough time to achieve your qualification, but enough time to pay it while you are working towards it.


Make a difference in your career with us, and as we support “See it, say it, sorted!”, just tell us your need, discuss it with us, sorted with and by us!


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